ascorbic acid copy

I’ll be needing more of this.

To all the viruses and bacteria out there:

I am giving all of you your vacation leaves.  You are free to take anyone, except me.  You can go anywhere you want, except inside me.  You can do all you want, except attacking my immune system.

Should you wish to come back real soon, I am willing to give all of you another round of vacation leaves.  I can even give  the whole year as vacation leave to you Mr. Asthma.  You can be away for as long as you want.  No one is requesting you back.

In short, my body is not welcoming any of you should you wish to refuse my offer.  So you have no other choice but to accept it.  The weird weather may be your ultimate ally but my ascorbic acid army is ready anytime any of you try to resist.

Enjoy your vacation!

Day 14 of the 365 Challenge


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