Blood is still thicker than water

When all else fails, blood still has the power to overthrow outsiders, making it still thicker than water.

For Day 58 of the 365 Challenge

A good cry

A Self-Portrait


It’s the main reason why ‘a good cry’ is in my pseudo-prescription pad.  It really helps.  Trust me.


For Day 57 of the 365 Challenge

Grand prize

One of the clocks at Hong Kong Disneyland


Because sleep is the greatest reward when one stops procrastinating… or wasting time.


For Day 56 of the 365 Challenge

Cleaners to the Rescue

Finally, a chance to  clean the bathroom, to sweep the floor and do the laundry.  And finally a good night’s sleep.


For Day 55 of the 365 Challenge

At last, posts are up-to-date.  This challenge is very demanding. 🙂

Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate

Got to hold on tight when the Wheel of Fate spins fast.  Better not to be thrown away. For Day 54 of the 365 Challenge

On location

The view from below.

For Day 53 of the 365 Challenge

Yeah right

I said I would rest to prepare for a shoot the next day.  But then I ended up travelling until late night and not sleeping at all just to be there in time for pull-out.

For Day 53 of the 365 Challenge

Question of the Week

And so someone just asked me this.  And I cannot seem to answer right away.

For Day 52 of the 365 Challenge


One of the toy booths at Enchanted Kingdom

Hope I can have stocks of sleep at home.

For Day 51 of the 365 Challenge



Dashing my way from a shoot to a presentation to a meeting.  Wish I could just fly from one place to another. For Day 50 of the 365 Challenge