ONE STEP AT A TIME: The 2013 Unclaimed Baggage Center Catalogue

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Welcome once again to my UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE CENTER, where uncollected luggage are being sold.

This year I decided to take the ladder to freelance film life. Let’s take a look at this year’s list of items for sale to see how my climb had been. Enjoy!

(The 2012 Catalogue is available here)




BAGGAGE DESCRIPTION: Cinemalaya Directors’ Showcase Entry
DATE OF DEPOSIT:  01252013
STATUS: sold to me

With Ms. Vilma Santos on the set of EKSTRA

With Ms. Vilma Santos on the set of EKSTRA

For me, this film was all about catching up.

After spending more than a year in regular TV work, the few film projects in the last quarter of 2012 were like turning the car key and trying to ignite the engine that went dormant for quite a long time. In this project with Direk Jeffrey Jeturian, finally, I was able to jumpstart the sleeping engine of passion inside of me.




BAGGAGE DESCRIPTION: Cinemalaya Director’s Showcase Entry
STATUS: sold to me

Actors and Actresses on the set of Sana Dati

Actors and Actresses on the set of Sana Dati

We were shooting this film in the same time frame as Ekstra so I was only able to supervise continuity for half of the shooting days. The movie was hailed Best Film in the Cinemalaya Directors’ Showcase category.
I could say that the experience was another step in the ladder. It was all about getting used to the life again, after more than a year.

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Can you spot the difference?


So easy to draw, just have two dots and a curve line.

So easy to type, just press the colon button and the parenthesis.

So easy to wear, just arc the lips upward.

But seems to be difficult to spot which the genuine one is.

The one that bears true happiness.

Most are just cover-ups.

Custom-made ones to hide what was really there.

So no one would bother to ask,

And no one would inquire

if everything really is all right.

Blood is still thicker than water

When all else fails, blood still has the power to overthrow outsiders, making it still thicker than water.

For Day 58 of the 365 Challenge

For Theme’s sake

For Theme’s sake

A splash of colors for you. ________________ For Day 48 of the 365 Challenge

Monster on loc

There was a monster heat wave on location.  And it didn’t leave location without taking the fairness of my skin.  Hello tan.




For Day 47 of the 365 Challenge

Oh yeah, there’s a theme

Oh yeah, there’s a theme

I had been missing the theme for several days now.  And so here’s some color for you. Day 46 of the 365 Challenge

My date



He is my date on V-day.  He loves me and I love him.  His name is spelled K-R-O-W, Krow.  Ooops, sorry.  The correct spelling is W-O-R-K, Work.

Colours? What colours? What theme? 🙂

Day 45 of the 365 Challenge

Thanks, by the way


By the way, I am grateful for the chance to meet a Watu-wannabe.  He revived the passion, and thank you for that.


For Day 44 of the 365 Challenge



“If you were faced with Him in all His glory, what would you ask if you had just one question?”

Would you ask a stranger on a train trying to make His way home?

“God is great. God is good.”

— One of Us, Joan Osborne

For Day 43 of the 365 Challenge

Missing the countryside

Rest. Go to sleep.  Take a break.  A good break.

For the past few days, my body has been telling me to slow down.  And so after the shoot has been packed up at 6:00am, I decided to ride a bus to the countryside.

A husky voice, a sore throat and exhaustion are the lullabies that readily put me to sleep.  After two hours of travel, this is what I see on my window.


Mt. Samat

Mt. Samat


I am certainly in Bataan already.  And my excitement is rising.

Our house is about 5 to 10 minutes away from the bus stop.  And nothing beats the first breath of fresh air as soon as I go down the bus.  The air is still chilly.  And as always, it is still quiet.  This is the silence that my mind is looking for, the silence that I cannot experience in the metro.

Along the way, the ducks greet me “Good morning”.


Bibe, Itik o Pato?


The cows want to play “habulan”.  I don’t know why.  Am I wearing red?




The Santan flowers are teasing me to pick them up and taste the sap.


Do you remember how to lick it? 🙂


The tomatoes are being impatient to be red.




The farmers are busy under the sun.


Magtanim ay di biro!


The little piggy is having a great feast.

Baboy ramo


And there’s Mt. Samat, still waving a hand at me.


New houses are already being built.  And not just houses, they are big houses.


I happened to drop by my grandma’s house.  Not so long ago, it was the only house there, surrounded by the rice fields.  Now, the fields are gone and there stood the two-storey houses.

I just hope that the rural feel of this place won’t go away.  It’s the only place where I can feel the ultimate calmness and peacefulness.  It’s where my body can have full recovery from all the foreign bodies that entered it.  There’s also this sense of belongingness where I cannot feel in any other nature getaways.  Maybe there’s just no place like home. Yes, home.  Up to now, I would want to call it home.


“Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong” — John Denver, Country Roads


Day 42 of the 365 Challenge