ONE STEP AT A TIME: The 2013 Unclaimed Baggage Center Catalogue

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Welcome once again to my UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE CENTER, where uncollected luggage are being sold.

This year I decided to take the ladder to freelance film life. Let’s take a look at this year’s list of items for sale to see how my climb had been. Enjoy!

(The 2012 Catalogue is available here)




BAGGAGE DESCRIPTION: Cinemalaya Directors’ Showcase Entry
DATE OF DEPOSIT:  01252013
STATUS: sold to me

With Ms. Vilma Santos on the set of EKSTRA

With Ms. Vilma Santos on the set of EKSTRA

For me, this film was all about catching up.

After spending more than a year in regular TV work, the few film projects in the last quarter of 2012 were like turning the car key and trying to ignite the engine that went dormant for quite a long time. In this project with Direk Jeffrey Jeturian, finally, I was able to jumpstart the sleeping engine of passion inside of me.




BAGGAGE DESCRIPTION: Cinemalaya Director’s Showcase Entry
STATUS: sold to me

Actors and Actresses on the set of Sana Dati

Actors and Actresses on the set of Sana Dati

We were shooting this film in the same time frame as Ekstra so I was only able to supervise continuity for half of the shooting days. The movie was hailed Best Film in the Cinemalaya Directors’ Showcase category.
I could say that the experience was another step in the ladder. It was all about getting used to the life again, after more than a year.

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Bad combination

Bad combination

These + microphone +fatigue = sore throat x fever Day 39 of the 365 challenge

Today is White

Another location...

Another location…

Day 36 of the 365 Challenge


The year is 2013

The year is 2013

It’s already 2013. 2010 was so far behind. Things probably are different now. Day 27 of the 365 Challenge

My Loyal Companion

My Loyal Companion

Let me just take them off and let my eyes rest for a while.  A long night is ahead of me. Day 12 of the 365 Challenge.

Reaching Out

“He has sort of a hard time emotionally.  Sometimes I just feel like I want to express affection to the old man, put my arms around him, shake his hands or be close in some way. But he can’t do it. He can’t do that.”

— Jesse Crumb when asked about father Robert Crumb,

from the documentary “Crumb”

Day 10 of the 365 Challenge

Hardest part of all

Hardest part of a project

You know what’s the hardest part of doing any kind of project? Collecting the payment.


Day 7 of the 365 Challenge

A Heart to Heart Year-opener


Cheers to 2013

Opening a closed heart may be the key to a great year. Kampai!

Day 3 of the 365 Challenge


At the start of the year, I was challenged by a friend.  A 365 challenge wherein one must post anything daily for the next 365 days.  And because I don’t have much time left before the first day of the year ends, here’s what I found in the closet:

sakura copy

Here’s a sketch of Sakura Kinomoto. Circa July 16, 2002.  Challenge accepted! 🙂