I see your beautiful face

You are holding my hand tightly. I can feel that you have no intentions of letting it go.

We are running fast, making sure the thing is not catching up. You are ahead of me so I cannot see your face.

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Maulap ang umaga. Makapal rin ang hamog. Mukhang hindi akma ang umagang ito sa pag-akyat sa rurok ng bundok, nguni’t wala na kaming pagpipilian. Ilang araw na rin ang aming pinalipas sa dormitoryo sa camp site dahil sa tuluy-tuloy na pag-ulan.

“Kung hindi kayo aakyat ngayon, hindi natin alam kung kailan muling titigil ang ulan,” banggit ng aming tour guide na si Kuya Nato. Kaya’t iniwan namin pansamantala ang aming mga gamit sa dormitoryo at minabuting sumuong na.

At ang malakas na pag-ihip ng hangin ay lalo lamang nagpalala sa lamig ng panahon.

Ipinagpatuloy namin ang aming paglakad. Habang tumatagal ay pakapal nang pakapal ang hamog. Parami na rin nang parami ang nahakot na putik ng aming mga sapatos. Palamig na rin nang palamig ang panahon at ang aking paghinga ay palalim na rin nang palalim. Inatake na ako ng aking hika.

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Jump and Let go


To jump or not to jump?

When I was in high school, I had a dream.

I was running fast and I could see people chasing me.  I went upstairs and entered a room but they were still after me.  I ran and ran until I reached a veranda. I sensed a dead end as I see the road below.  A voice was telling me to jump off but I was afraid to do so.  Shortly, those people found me. Realizing I was more afraid of them than of heights, I followed the voice.  I jumped off.  But as soon as I did, from my back arose a pair of white feathery wings, which saved me from hitting the ground.

And then I woke up.  During that time, when I was 15 or 16, I thought it was just a side effect of too much fantasizing over Vahn Fanel from the anime Vision of Escaflowne.  But now that I am all grown-up, I realized that maybe as early as high school, the universe was already telling me to let go.  But I ignored all the signs.  Now that I finally decided to do so, I just hope that it isn’t already too late.

Day 4 of the 365 challenge