Banda ni Kleggy at UP Fair Overdrive 2016

I took some photos of the Filipino band, Banda ni Kleggy, during their performance at the UP Fair Overdrive Wednesday 2016. Check them out on my sister blog, Rhythmic Feels!

Rhythmic Feels

It is now again the season for the University of the Philippines (UP) Fair. This yearly tradition, which happens on the week of Valentine’s day, has always been a celebration of the Filipino independent and mainstream music industry. Bands from all over the campus, as well as world-renowned Pinoy artists have always gathered at the Sunken Garden to make the UP crowd more rockingly insane.

On February 10, the second day of the week-long event, entitled Overdrive, the organizers are able to come up with the best music line-up for this year’s fair.

One of the band’s who have left the crowd waving and wailing on that night is Banda ni Kleggy. With his catchy moves, vocalist Kleggy Abaya has never failed to attract more people to come near the UP Fair stage, especially with the song Discolamon. A certified dance floor piece, it describes a love that…

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Our Hospitality got the heart of ONE OK ROCK

A lot of Japanese artists had already said that they want to be back in the country. Uchusentai Noiz, Joe Inoue, AKB48, Takeru Sato and ONE OK ROCK were only some of them. Maybe it was the Filipino hospitality. So what really was in this cultural trait that made foreigners ask for more?

Even non-celebrity Japanese have the same sentiments towards Filipinos. “Before, I thought Japanese hospitality was the best in the world. But after I came here, I think nothing tops Filipino hospitality,” said university student Daisuke Takashina, during his stay in the Philippines, to visit his Filipino friend, Ciel Padilla, during the Christmas season. He went to the walled City, Intramuros, in Manila, visited the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan, and checked a private resort in Mabitac, Laguna. And like these Japanese artists, he also promised to come back to the country.

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ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila was brought to us by Amuse Inc. Asia, in partnership with Pulp Live World and 28 Black.