A Little Chat Between Happiness and Sadness

The Emotion Express.

The Emotion Express.

It was half past midnight and the Emotion Express was crossing a vast valley under the velvet sky.

Everybody was supposed to be snoozing, but it seemed that Sleep was exercising his favoritism. Pride was snoring so loud, his arms were even extending to his seat mate, Anger, who was struggling so hard not to push him over from his chair. On the seat in front of Pride and Anger, there was Envy, who was admiring Pride’s sound sleep, wishing she could doze off too. Amazement, who was seated next to Envy, was also awake, and was so surprised on how loud Pride’s snoring could be.

Next to Envy were Happiness and Sadness, who were also wide awake. Happiness was reading a book, with a soft smile on his face. Sadness, on the other hand, was twitching her pencil on her hand, as she was staring blankly on her small notebook.

Suddenly, the pencil jumped from Sadness’ hand. Happiness got it for her. “Can’t find sleep too?”, asked Happiness.

“Who can find him with that?”, Sadness answered as she pointed to Pride on the other side of the train. Happiness gave out a soft laugh.

“Where are you headed?”, Happiness asked again.

“Well, my former owner just died so I’m heading for the Emotion Recycling and Segregating Department,” answered Sadness, after a deep sigh.

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The Hidden Summit

The Hidden Summit. Bundok.

No one had ever made a clear testimonial on what was on the Hidden Summit.  It had been concealed for the longest time now that even the sacred books had no account on what was resting on top of the mystified mountain.

Of course, there were a lot of rumors.  The clouds covering the mountain had perfectly honed the creative minds of the townsmen.

One of my favorite stories were the ones involving the chain-smoking Tikbalangs.  Some said that the Tikbalangs residing on top of the mountain were fond of smoking, with whole trees as their tobacco. People even said that the trees on the summit were enchanted so that whenever a giant uprooted one, another tree would sprout instantaneously, making the forest an unlimited supply of nicotine-free cigarettes.  Thus, the smoke was maintained over the years.

Some said that there was also a master Duwende who never stopped cooking.  Day and night, he cooked and cooked, perfecting every known dish in the world, thus, expelling fumes enough to cover the whole summit.

But the most enchanting tale of all, for me, was the Bakunawa, a Filipino sea serpent.  Some said that there was a huge lake on top of the mountain, where the enormous Bakunawa resides.  It’s breath was said to be so hot that it boiled the lake water, making it release steam that covered the whole summit.

The funny thing was, nobody among those who tried to uncover the truth came back.  So no one really knew where the rumors came from either.

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Article 1: The Hatchlings of Anita Purity

Article 2: Im Purity’s Escape

Im Purity managed to escape from the forest she used to call home. But the weight of her emotions dragged her to the ground.

Sunrise in Pampanga

Sunrise in Pampanga.


Im Purity opened her eyes. It took her a while before realizing that she was in an unfamiliar place. She was in a swamp.

Then it took her another minute to remember that… she crashed.

Luckily, the water lilies made the perfect absorber for the impact of her unenunciated fall.

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Im Purity’s Escape

Article 1: The Hatchlings of Anita Purity


Im Purity flapped and flapped her wings. She waved her soft wings so hard that it could snap anytime. But she did not care. All she wanted was to fly away, as far as she could, from the place that caused her all these tears, in this place that she used to call home.

But Im Purity was still young. And since this was her first flight, her slender body could not yet sustain long flights. And bad memories started flooding her mind.  She was now haunted by the reaction of the elders when they first saw her.  Their degrading look could just cut through one’s heart.  

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The Hatchlings of Anita Purity

One fine morning, Anita Purity, a white regal dove, felt a delicate snap underneath the warmth of her feathers. Crack, crack, crack. Her eggs were already hatching. Crack, crack, crack and a head full of beige-colored feathers emerged from the white shell. Crack, crack, crack and Anita Purity saw her first child: a beautiful girl, with feathers as fine as Anita’s.

Crack, crack, crack. There was another egg in the nest. Crack, crack, crack. The excitement in Anita’s eyes were not over yet. Crack, crack, crack. The topmost part of the shell fell off. Crack, crack, crack and another head came forth.

But something in this second chick turned Anita’s excitement to worry.

Dark, rugged, uneven feathers lined the head of the second girl. And as it revealed itself to the world, the dark-colored feathers gave a big “Hello!”

Time flew as fast as the greatest flyer of the Purity flock.

The Purities, as their name suggested, were obssessive-compulsive with regards to their family members. They were so strict that names of offsprings were decided via votes, so as to ensure that first names conformed to the definition of the flock name.

Anita’s fair-feathered squab was named Serene. Serene Purity.

On the other hand, because of her dark feathers, the second hatchling was named Im. Im Purity.

Summit of Mt. Damas

Photo by Karina de Capia.

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The Land of No Limbs

The American in the Land of no Limbs

Some time ago, in Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, these metal statues were a picture of a happy family. Unfortunately, the wholeness seemed to have faded away as each of them loses a limb with every tick of the present clock.

In here, you won’t see anyone walking in the streets alone.  Everybody is always strolling within a group.  A group that we call ‘family’.  

And these groups create wonderful photographs.  A little boy grabbing his mother’s hand towards a toy store.  A girl trying to climb her father’s back.  A father kissing his wife.

These heartwarming photographs should cost millions.  Sights that are so touching that you won’t even notice that the people lack something.  Hence the name of our town.

To tell you the truth, all of these are just compliance to the law.  The law that is being implemented by our king.  The law states that people should go out with their families at all times.  Why? This is to ensure that people in our land  show an image of wholeness, a picture of being complete.  Something that we cannot achieve on our own.  Something that we cannot portray alone… here in the Land of No Limbs.

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Caloy’s Battle

mouth copy

It turned out that the incident with Auntie Beth (can be read in Caloy, The Infamous Master of An Infamous Art) had other effects on poor Caloy.

At an early age, Caloy learned that words, specially spoken ones, could hurt him.  And these words came after he made something not pleasing, at least to Auntie Beth’s eyes.  And so from then on, he tried to perform things that would produce only positive remarks from people around him.

Through the years, Caloy learned that acts close to perfection yielded the most sympathetic remarks.  Everything must always be right.  Everything should always be the best.

At first, he was glad he was able to sustain perfection and the wonderful words about him. And he started loving it.
Along this road to perfection, Caloy learned that failure is a threat to the continuous flow of perfectionism and compliments.  So from then on, failure was ousted from his vocabulary.

And if spoken words, can hurt, they can also cause failure.  So from then on, Caloy became cautious about each word that came out of his mouth.  Because of this he developed a filtering system that would select only the best words to come out of him.
At first the filtering system did a great job of making Caloy sound very intelligent. It helped his perfectionist side a lot.

Here’s how it works.  When Caloy has something in mind, he would feed that to the filtering system, and then the system would choose the words or rephrase it before letting the mouth blurt it out.

One day, Caloy was surprised that what came out of his mouth was completely different from what he meant.  He wanted to say that things were not ok with him but his mouth blurted out that he was just as fine. He tried to check the filtering system but it simply won’t allow him.  And the more he tried to resist, the more his words were being rephrased as to none of the original intention was left.

Caloy, being convinced that he already cannot do anything about the filtering system, decided to target his mouth.  He tried to feed his thoughts directly to his mouth. But it was not easy.  The filtering system had already occupied it, even building a strong defense around it.

Caloy did not give up.  Soon the filtering systems’ defense was damaged.  But this only made the system mad.  As revenge, it shut the mouth completely, not letting any word come out of it.  And to not generate any suspicions from the people around, the system implanted a large smile on Caloy’s mouth.

Because of the smile, people thought that there was nothing wrong with Caloy.  And that was the start of thoughts being unspoken and feelings being unexpressed.

It went on for a lot of years.  For some time, Caloy became tired of fighting against this filtering system.  But I am glad to say that he resumed his battle just recently, and this time, there is no stopping him from regaining his mouth and the power to push words through it freely… words that come from the deepest parts of his heart.

And I am glad that he is very determined now.


Day 41 of the 365 Challenge


The sun was up.  The sand was warm.  The water was excited to hit the shore.

A hammock was swaying in between two coconut trees.  It carried in it five children, laughing loudly as the cool breeze hit their faces.  Another four were standing near the tree, shouting to have their turn on the hammock.  And Caloy was one of them.

The screaming and begging of the kids were halted when Auntie Beth called for lunch.  The boy next to Caloy said, “Let’s race to the picnic table!”  And off the children went, but not Caloy. Once the hammock was vacated, he saw this as an opportunity to ride in the hammock, solo.  But as soon as he sat in it, the rope connecting it to the trees snapped and he fell to the ground.  Auntie Beth saw this.  But instead of helping him stand up, she said angrily, “Is that how an honor student acts?! You know that five had already been on it and you know that the rope is not strong enough.  But still you sat on it.  Didn’t you realize that? Look what happened to you!  You are an honor student, you should have known better!  And… didn’t I tell you to come and eat?”

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