by Sheen Irerick Seeckts

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January 22, 2013


Day 22 of the 365 Challenge

I simply can’t feel it

Pi showed and told us all about the greatness of his God.  I also have a God that I believe in so I know what he means by this “greatness.” But I don’t know why I can’t feel his God the way I am feeling my God.  I just hope that the book can.

Day 11 of the 365 Challenge

Writing and Rewriting

WRITING AND REWRITING by Sheen Irerick SeecktsDigital Media2400x1600 px01/01/2013

by Sheen Irerick Seeckts
Digital Media
2400×1600 px

Day 9 of the 365 Challenge

A Brainstorming Session

At Marikina City

At Marikina City


Good food just brings out the best ideas.


DAy 6 of the 365 Challenge

Just when I needed it

a view from my bus ride window


Ever since I learned to ride a bus alone, bus windows became my creative and emotional companion. They suddenly turn into a moving picture frame whenever ideas came popping inside my head. And they suddenly transform into re-enactments whenever sadness flooded my heart.

And so today, when my mind is bothered by a creative dilemma relating to a project, the sunset outside my window just took the panic away and gave me serene calmness that only such divine scenery can give.

Day 2 of the 365 challenge. My phone’s camera is not superb but just enough to capture the gist of the scene.


The sun was up.  The sand was warm.  The water was excited to hit the shore.

A hammock was swaying in between two coconut trees.  It carried in it five children, laughing loudly as the cool breeze hit their faces.  Another four were standing near the tree, shouting to have their turn on the hammock.  And Caloy was one of them.

The screaming and begging of the kids were halted when Auntie Beth called for lunch.  The boy next to Caloy said, “Let’s race to the picnic table!”  And off the children went, but not Caloy. Once the hammock was vacated, he saw this as an opportunity to ride in the hammock, solo.  But as soon as he sat in it, the rope connecting it to the trees snapped and he fell to the ground.  Auntie Beth saw this.  But instead of helping him stand up, she said angrily, “Is that how an honor student acts?! You know that five had already been on it and you know that the rope is not strong enough.  But still you sat on it.  Didn’t you realize that? Look what happened to you!  You are an honor student, you should have known better!  And… didn’t I tell you to come and eat?”

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