About the Baggage Handler

Excess baggage?

A lot actually, even the weighing scale is giving up.

So I decide to just create my own Baggage Counter, a companion sturdy enough to accept no weight limits.

But I am letting myself get used to backpacking: all hand-carried, no baggage to check in.  It is also the art of fitting only the necessities into one bag called life. It is time to let go of things that are not needed; heavy things that just burden the heart; and excessive memories that are keeping me from traveling light.


Yes, I know I need to buy a new bag. Soon.

For now, let this small bag teach me to bring only the most important things with me.  And eventually learn this phenomenon called forgiveness and letting go.

I am Sheen Irerick Seeckts.  I have a degree in Film and am currently exploring the Philippine media industry and the world.


One thought on “About the Baggage Handler

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