Kawasan and the Rain Bearer’s Broken Heart

Let’s revisit Cebu’s Kawasan Falls, a birthday courage that struck me that day and some commercialization issues.

The Viewfinder

Part 1 of 2 of the December Waterfall Chronicles

My yearly birthday vow to catch the Geminid meteor shower on the eve of December 14 was disrupted by the exhaustion caused by our event in Cebu the day before. I really planned to catch it around midnight.  But after I took a bath around 10:30 in the evening, my consciousness immediately rode its way to dreamland.

I woke up at around six in the morning, both excited and a bit nervous for my first ever lone adventure.

My dear friend Nessa was in Cebu earlier this year, so when she heard that I would be at the Queen City of the South, she immediately pushed me to go to Kawasan Falls on my birthday.

Yes, I definitely missed the mountains. It had been a long time already since my last climb (read the Mt. Damas blog here). But the thought of…

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