The Hidden Summit

The Hidden Summit. Bundok.

No one had ever made a clear testimonial on what was on the Hidden Summit.  It had been concealed for the longest time now that even the sacred books had no account on what was resting on top of the mystified mountain.

Of course, there were a lot of rumors.  The clouds covering the mountain had perfectly honed the creative minds of the townsmen.

One of my favorite stories were the ones involving the chain-smoking Tikbalangs.  Some said that the Tikbalangs residing on top of the mountain were fond of smoking, with whole trees as their tobacco. People even said that the trees on the summit were enchanted so that whenever a giant uprooted one, another tree would sprout instantaneously, making the forest an unlimited supply of nicotine-free cigarettes.  Thus, the smoke was maintained over the years.

Some said that there was also a master Duwende who never stopped cooking.  Day and night, he cooked and cooked, perfecting every known dish in the world, thus, expelling fumes enough to cover the whole summit.

But the most enchanting tale of all, for me, was the Bakunawa, a Filipino sea serpent.  Some said that there was a huge lake on top of the mountain, where the enormous Bakunawa resides.  It’s breath was said to be so hot that it boiled the lake water, making it release steam that covered the whole summit.

The funny thing was, nobody among those who tried to uncover the truth came back.  So no one really knew where the rumors came from either.

This post had been transferred by the author to another blog named “Nimotsu Counter.” Will the truth about the Hidden Summit be revealed? To continue reading on the rest of the story, kindly click here.


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