Lemon grass tea from Pangasinan

Lemon grass tea from Pangasinan

No coffee for a month? Yeah, I did it!

It all started when me and my brother were in the supermarket last January 16. I was stuck in the coffee area because I was having a hard time choosing among the heap. Not one of them could keep me awake anymore. Then my brother came up with a brilliant idea: no caffeine for a month to detoxify my system, making it decaffeinated. Then I exclaimed, “Challenge accepted!”

And so for the past month, I had been trying coffee alternatives like milk, chocolate drink, ginger tea, lemon grass tea and other organic drinks.

And to tell you the truth, I enjoyed them. It was nice having different tastes every other morning. And they were all so refreshing too.

But the real challenge was not in the mornings. Organic drinks’ capability to waken me up were put to test during those race-to-deadline nights. Fortunately, I was able to meet each of my submissions, though I had to take more cups of drink than when I was having coffee. The good thing was, because they were organic, I have nothing to worry about palpitations. Plus, more breaks in between gave my brain more steadiness.

I finished the challenge last February 14. And now, I would have a declaration: Organic drinks were fun to be with, so I decided to enjoy the rest of my mornings with my coffee alternatives and drink coffee only when I really need to.




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