Six Ways to Earn More

Steps to success

The steps to success all starts with a desire. And nothing brings one to the top without discipline.

This is how the New Year, New You Success Forum was opened by Mr. Dave Aguila, President of Green Pinoys Marketing Corporation, last January 25 at Room 1203A in the Philippine Stock Exchange Center.

And everything else was there to fulfill a certain desire that maybe everyone of us has, the desire to be rich and to live life to the fullest. There was Mr. Anthony Saraza for Nutrition; Mr. Randell Tiongson for Personal Finance; Mr. Jay Penaflor for Stocks; Mr. Butch Salvador for Entrepreneurship; Mr. Noli Alleje for Real Estate; Mr. Rudolf Kotik for Franchising; and Mr. Mark So for Foreign Exchange.

I said in my article New Year, New Me, that everything should be taken one step at a time. So let me share to you the six most striking steps I learned in this success forum:

Tip # 1:

Pay slip

“Hindi ka yayaman na iisa lang ang source ng income mo.”  – Mr. Dave Aguila

You won’t become rich with just one source of income.  The forum taught me that one source of income, which is my work, would not make me any richer.  No matter how much salary increase my boss gives me, this money would never make me any richer.  Why?  It is simply because the money is just there for spending.  It just goes to the utilities companies when I pay my bills.  The keyword is investment.  Unless the money is put into some good investment, the money would give more money, which will make me richer.

Tip # 2:

General Terms

“For franchising, it’s a scam when they ask for money before the contract.” – Mr. Rudolf Kotik

Mr. Rudolf Kotik, Founder of the RK Franchise Consultancy, gave this friendly advise about franchising.  He emphasized the importance of having a contract which includes the terms and conditions, memorandum of agreement and everything  you need to know about the franchisor before giving any amount out.

Tip # 3:


“When investing in stocks, invest your disposable income only.” – Mr. Jay Penaflor

The very first thing that Mr. Penaflor said was to “invest in knowledge first before investing in stocks.”  Stocks is not a term that everyone understands.  And gossips say that investing in stocks is all about gambling.  But maybe every business is about a gamble with fate and taking risks.  Stocks can make you richer, and sometimes, when taken over by greed, can make you poorer.  So don’t invest all your money in it.

Tip # 4:

Foreign currency

“It will take you years.” – Mr. Mark So

Foreign exchange trading is all about buying and selling foreign currencies.  And according to Mr. Mark So, founder of Forex Club Asia, like any other business investments, it sure will take time, a lot of years to master the trade.  “It’s not a flash bank,” he even added.

Tip # 5:


“Delay the gratification.” – Mr. Butch Salvador

I said earlier that income from work is just for spending.  And this is because people have desires.  People want all these gadgets.  People want to eat at the finest restaurants.  People want to put on the best shoes.  But Mr. Butch Salvador, entrepreneur and owner of Car Magic, said that delaying the pleasure can just save you from spending all your hard-earned money.

Tip # 6:

Official Receipt

“Buy assets, not liabilities.” – Mr. Butch Salvador

Assets, according to Mr. Salvador, are the  “things you buy that get money back to you,” which simply are investments.  On the other hand, liabilities are the things that simply don’t.  And these liabilities happen to be also the gratifications mentioned earlier.

According to Mr.  Dave Aguila, there are three things that separate desire from success: learning, planning and implementing.  This forum was all about learning.  But there are still a lot of things to be learned about investments, and these will be the topics for the next forums of New You.  So we better stay updated for that.

And so, do you now have a change of heart with regards to investing?  Is it now part of your desire list?  Maybe the best time is now.


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