Henchman Dudz and the Sons of the Sea

Article 4 of the Palawan Chronicles

Palawan Day 3: El Nido Island Hopping

The next morning, we were happy to see that the Sun God finally bade the Rain Goddess goodbye.  So the God of the Sea readily sent an invitation to the city fairies to meet his sons, and eventually choose among them. He has quite a lot of offspring that you needed four days to meet them all via Tours A, B, C or D.

We chose Tour C and Dudz was the henchman or rather the tour guide sent to us by the God of the Sea.

Henchman Dudz in black

Henchman Dudz in black

But we were not the only ones who would visit them.  There were other guests in the boat as well, and all of them were from foreign land. There were 2 Indian guys; an American couple; 2 British lovers; a Singaporean husband and wife; and the most interesting of them all, a Spanish girl and her Greek boyfriend.

Helicopter was the first son we met.
And he offered us the first buwis-buhay picture-taking location of the day.
Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

I call it buwis-buhay (life-threatening) because the rocks were really sharp.  One wrong move and blood would soon flow from your veins.

We sure knew where to take the best shots because after we had our bunch, other tourists came posing there too.
I would have wanted to climb the other stones and explore Helicopter more but then Henchman Dudz said it was time to meet the next son.
Talisay was the next one.  And he would be the one to offer us a royal banquet for lunch.  And who would prepare the food? None other than the Henchman and his sidekicks.
And so while they were busy at it, we went again for some buwis-buhay shots.
Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

When we came back, the fish was still grilling so we decided to walk around the other side of the island for more buwis-buhay shots.
Photo by Johnessa Gabrillo

Photo by Johnessa Gabrillo

I would have wanted to go the the farthest end of the cave but one of the sidekicks already called us for lunch.
I never knew that Jollibee was offering a buffet lunch at an island!
The Royal Banquet at Jollibee Talisay

The Royal Banquet at Jollibee Talisay

Kidding aside, I just love the food at the beach.  The foreigners didn’t seem to like the shrimps so I ate them all. 🙂
The next son we met was Matinloc.  And this was where the second pusong-bato  was residing.
Top view of Matinloc Island

Top view of Matinloc Island

Actually, the whole island was heart-shaped when viewed from above. From all the sons of the God of the Sea that we met today, Matinloc offered the most spectacular view.
Matinloc was the Cuyunin (local language) word for maganda or beautiful.  And it truly was!
We were set to meet the next son, named Secret Lagoon, but it seemed that he was not in the mood for any visitors that day because it was too wavy.  To appease the guests, the God of the Sea offered a very good snorkeling site instead.
At the end of the day, it was time to choose.  But my friend Nessa seemed to be interested with someone else.
And so that night, she met the chosen one, none other than… Henchman Dudz.   And I was their chaperone.
During the day, he was a faithful servant of the God of the Sea and during the night, he sidelines as a butler at Doy’s Restaurant.  And this was where I saw the biggest oysters I had ever seen.
Another reason for loving El Nido!

Another reason for loving El Nido!

These were also the most delectable oysters I had ever tasted!  Surely the best way to end our second day in El Nido.


Article 3 of the Palawan Chronicles – Palawan’s Gods and Goddesses






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