Palawan’s Gods and Goddesses

Article 3 of The Palawan Chronicles

Palawan Day 2: El Nido, A Whole New Adventure

After being inspired by the stars and the fireflies, all you would want to do was to let the creativity flow out of your system.

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

And so that night, we were in the mood for art.

Your color palette for tonight's art session. A photo by Johnessa Gabrillo.

Your color palette for tonight’s art session. A photo by Johnessa Gabrillo.

With a serenade in the background, Gypsy’s offers a soothing ambience, ready to bring out the artistE (emphasizing the ‘E’) in you.

I would love to try their coffee. But it was a tiring day, and I preferred sleep than a stimulant. I had green tea instead.

And what’s an art cafe without works of passion?

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

There was another Doll Installation Art work there.  And it was just a masterpiece.  I won’t post a photo. Just see it for yourself. 🙂

Reading a book? No. I'm checking our bill. Photo by Nessa Gabrillo.

Reading a book? No. I’m checking our bill.

We returned to the lodge at 10:30 in the evening, packed our bags and rested for an early trip the next day.

I first heard the name El Nido when I was a kid, in a Play Station 1 game entitled Chrono Cross.  And the mystery of the game seemed to embody the real town.

El Nido is a six-hour drive from Puerto Princesa. So we left the capital city with Tito Bong’s red car at 3:00 the next morning.

Oliver was our driver for that morning. And he seemed to be Paul Walker’s substitute for the next Fast and the Furious movie. He really knew the tricks of how to make your car fly, literally. Nonetheless, I was able to close my eyes and rest my mind for the first few hours of the trip.

I woke up at 5:45 in the morning and this was what I saw outside my window, a first glimpse of Palawan’s Sun God.

We had a stop-over at the bus terminal in Roxas to have some hot early meal.

The Sun God kept us company as we hit the road again.  Along San Vicente, the town after Roxas, the Fog Nymph started to play with us, diffusing all the light coming from the Sun God.  She was so enthusiastic that she turned the picture into an image of the Moon Deity.

It's morning.  Sun or Moon?

It’s morning. Sun or Moon?

Meanwhile, it seemed that the Sun God had also drained my energy away so I took a nap.

And when I woke up again, Oliver was asking if we were taking the right way because we are already in here:

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Who would have guessed that we were just in Taytay… Palawan, I mean?
Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

The Fort of Taytay was built in 1667 to serve as defense for pirates that Spaniards call Filipinos.
Getting to the red car again, one would know if he or she was approaching El Nido when the rocky dirt road waved “hello”.
And finally, after another hour from Taytay, we came to El Nido.  And the Rain Goddess readily greeted us.
"Hello!" says the Rain Goddess

“Hello!” says the Rain Goddess

But she never stopped the Pinoy Explorer blood in us.  Yan, another friend of Nessa’s, a son of Tito Bong’s, said that the waves were too strong to swim that day.  So we decided to visit the River Spirit.

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

And then we found the first pusong bato of Palawan.
Nessa's Pusong Bato

Nessa’s Pusong Bato

It was still raining but I heard the God of the Sea calling my name.
"Yes, my dearest God of the Sea, how can I help you?"

“Yes, my dearest God of the Sea, how can I help you?”

He enjoyed my company and even danced with me.
Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

The same reason maybe why the Rain Goddess was still with us.  She seemed to be jealous of two city fairies that came to pay tribute to the Great Gods of El Nido.


Article 2 of the Palawan Chronicles – Iwahig Fireflies: Reminiscing Kenshin and Kaoru


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