Fireflies: Reminiscing Kenshin and Kaoru

Article 2 of the Palawan Chronicles

Palawan Day 1: Iwahig Fireflies

It was 4:00 in the afternoon. After deciding to stay in Puerto Princesa for the night, Nessa and I checked in at a lodge near the airport and walked around the area.

We met a trike driver who offered a price lower than the normal rates of Puerto Princesa tours. So we decided to take the firefly watching tour.

Iwahig was a long drive from the center of the city. And we became feast to the hungry mosquitoes when we came to Iwahig River.

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

Photo by Nessa Gabrillo

There was a fee of 600 for boat rental, which can accommodate 3 people.

And our tour started, this tour of firsts.

It was my first time to ride a katig boat so I was a bit nervous. It was this narrow boat with wooden balances at the sides, known as the katig. I know how to swim but when our boatman said that the river was about 30-40 feet deep, all I did was tighten my grip.

And then the boat man told us to take a look at our right side. And there we saw a bunch of fireflies on the Bakawan or Mangrove trees.

It was my first time to see fireflies. And it reminded me of one thing: that goodbye scene between Kenshin and Kaoru in the anime Rurouni Kenshin. It was that scene when Kenshin finally decided to fight Shishio Makoto and told Kaoru about it. Kaoru tried to stop him but Kenshin had already made his mind up. Kenshin said goodbye and Kaoru was left there alone, crying, with no one but the fireflies.  I’m a bit excited of how the production team behind the second live action movie will portray this legendary scene.  They better do it right.  (My fan girl review of the first live action movie can be read here.)



Although it was a bit cloudy that night, we were still able to see the starry sky.  It was as if the stars were reflected by the clear river water to the Bakawan trees, thus signalling the fireflies to give out their lights.  Stars and fireflies were a very refreshing combination, sights that one would never see in other cities in the Philippines. If only the boat ride was not timed, I would have wanted to spend the night there, just watching the stars and the fireflies as they all send me to dreamland.

I just wish my camera could capture the sight so I could share them with you. Maybe these were some of the things made for my eyes only. And for yours also when you finally come to visit Puerto Princesa.

iwahig fireflies

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