Through the years, the videoke machine has been one of the greatest witnesses of Filipino emotionality and insanity due to alcohol overload.

Insanity.  People really transform and get extremely crazy when touched by the magical microphone; the effect is worse if it’s a wireless one.  Introverts turn into extroverts.  The emo sings Spice Girls.  The silent sings Britney Spears.  The chill sings Ricky Martin.  The wallflower sings Carly Rae Jepsen.  The bourgeois sings Salbakuta.  The noble sings Andrew E.  The sporty sings Beyonce.  The ill-tempered sings Regine Velasquez.  The workaholic sings Adele.  The professor sings Bruno Mars.  The torpe sings Parokya ni Edgar. The broken-hearted sings Madonna.  And before the night ends, a new singing sensation is yet to conquer the world.


This post had been transferred by the author to another blog named “Nimotsu Counter.” To read more about the magic of the microphone, kindly click here.



One thought on “THE MAGIC MIC

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